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We are not just any home cooks, we are passionate individuals who strive to elevate our culinary creations to a world-class level. Our journey into the realm of cooking has been an incredible adventure, filled with remarkable discoveries that have forever changed the way we approach food. Through our relentless pursuit of world-class cooking skills, we have unearthed the well-guarded secrets of top chefs, stumbled upon ingenious tools and products that have revolutionized our cooking experience, discovered sublime recipes that have become the centerpieces of our culinary repertoire, and found inspiration in the pages of captivating cookbooks and immersive cooking classes.

Our Journey into Artificial Intelligence in the Kitchen

Chef Delicious AI
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Most recently in our pursuit of gastronomic excellence we have ventured into uncharted territory, exploring the cutting-edge innovation that is Artificial Intelligence – AI. This transformative technology is about to take the culinary world by storm and its impact resonates far beyond the kitchen walls. With AI, we have unlocked a whole new realm of possibilities, where technology assists us in creating culinary capabilities that were once unimaginable. AI has become our trusted ally, providing us with a wealth of knowledge and expertise that was previously exclusive to top chefs.

By creating our own AI assistant “Chef Delicious” (powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT), we have gained access to a treasure trove of culinary wisdom, from expert techniques to flavor pairings that ignite our taste buds. Chef Delicious has become our indispensable companion in the kitchen, streamlining various tasks and minimizing the margin for error. 

And, Chef Delicious is available to you, our cherished friends & subscribers. Not only does Chef Delicious provide recipes and cooking advice, Chef can help you plan your meals for the week, generate shopping lists and suggest the perfect wine to compliment your chosen recipe plus much, much more.

Throughout Delicious.Cooking you’ll find fantastic recipes, the secrets of world-class chefs, fun cooking videos, books, food products & tools and Chef Delicious (Cooking with AI).

We’re adding and updating continually and we invite you to dive in and let us know your thoughts and your results. 

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